I'm trying to use /registerDevice as an API on my nodejs server instead of having Apps do this... However, I keep getting 400 Bad Request data - and it doesn't tell me what part of data is bad...

here's my code: var options = { method: 'POST', url: 'https://cp.pushwoosh.com/json/1.3/registerDevice', json: true, body: { "application":config.pushwoosh.appcode, "push_token":my.mydeviceToken , //generated using Apple APN "language":"en", // optional "hwid": my.myDeviceId, //generated using app and APN "timezone": 3600, // offset in seconds "device_type":1 } }; request(options, function (error, response, body) { console.log(error, response); // I keep getting response as 400 - Bad Request Data - what part is bad here? });

asked 21 Aug '15, 16:35
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problem was that the payload needs to be inside "request" object...it's fixed now.

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answered 24 Aug '15, 17:42
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Hello! Could you possibly remove all the comments from the code and make sure the syntax is correct (i.e. the app code and push token should be in quotes)?

And the most important question — why would you need to register devices from your server? What values do you use in push token field?

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answered 24 Aug '15, 09:39
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var options = { method: 'POST', url: 'https://cp.pushwoosh.com/json/1.3/registerDevice', json: true, body: { "application":"1234-5678", "push_token":"56edcd52bc03a686ee024ffa40779b9c5ae56cd6dbd883310f2cfcf6803427ee", "hwid": "BA634921-99CC-4BDC-90F0-E5179F2B60F5", "device_type":"1" } }; Please see - I have everything in quotes. The reason to this from the server is everything from the apps goes through our server. When app is first launched, app sends the deviceid, devicetoken to the server and continuously updates when necessary based on the business logic.

(24 Aug '15, 14:37) jatinpatel jatinpatel's gravatar image
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