It seems to me that the latest update to Pushwoosh on Android (using Unity) have included the Play Services Library. This is causing issues (and will inevitable cause more issues later on) with other plugins that relies on the Play Services Library, it would be preferable if this is added as a standalone .Jar

As it is now, I have to remove the standalone Google Play Services .Jar (that other plugins seems to place in: "Android > Plugins > google-play-services_lib"), otherwise there will be class-conflicts. And what if I don't update the Pushwoosh plugin for a while, then I am stuck with an old version of the Play Game Services Library when other plugins require newer versions. :(

asked 01 Sep '15, 10:13
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The plugin now includes Google Play Services as standalone jar file. Thanks!

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answered 08 Sep '15, 09:01
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Thanks a lot! Any ETA on the fix with duplicate invocation of callbacks? Can't see it as a fix on GitHub.

(08 Sep '15, 09:03) Whyser Whyser's gravatar image

Duplicate callback was fixed as well. Could you please confirm?

(08 Sep '15, 15:44) shader shader's gravatar image


Thanks for reporting that! Our developers have excluded this library from UnityPushwoosh.jar and the updated version will be soon available.

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answered 04 Sep '15, 12:02
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Vitaly Roman...

The Adobe AIR and Unity SDKs that you ship with also include these JARs. How can we remove them, as they conflict with JARs already used in the project.

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answered 15 Oct '15, 13:37
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