I'm trying to register my app to receive push notifications for Android platforms. 3 days ago all works fine, but today i'm got following error:

09-07 20:00:26.381 24072-24072/com.example.appI/Pushwoosh﹕ [PushManager] App ID: CXXXX-EXXXX 09-07 20:00:26.381 24072-24072/com.example.appI/Pushwoosh﹕ [PushManager] Project ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXX 09-07 20:00:26.384 24072-24072/com.example.appI/Pushwoosh﹕ [PushManager] This is android device 09-07 20:00:26.388 24072-24118/com.example.appW/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Try To sent: registerUser 09-07 20:00:26.390 24072-24118/com.example.appW/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Pushwoosh Request: {"request":{"v":"","application":"CXXXX-EXXXX","hwid":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","device_type":3,"userId":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}} 09-07 20:00:26.391 24072-24118/com.example.appW/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Pushwoosh Request To: https://cp.pushwoosh.com/json/1.3/registerUser 09-07 20:00:26.393 24072-24118/com.example.appD/libc-netbsd﹕ getaddrinfo: cp.pushwoosh.com get result from proxy >> 09-07 20:00:26.396 24072-24118/com.example.appI/System.out﹕ [socket][0] connection cp.pushwoosh.com/;LocalPort=43146(0) 09-07 20:00:26.396 24072-24118/com.example.appI/System.out﹕ [CDS]connect[cp.pushwoosh.com/] tm:90 09-07 20:00:26.399 24072-24072/com.example.appI/Pushwoosh﹕ [PushEventsTransmitter] Using broadcast registration: true 09-07 20:00:26.399 24072-24072/com.example.appW/Pushwoosh﹕ [PushEventsTransmitter] No android.permission.BROADCAST_STICKY. Reverting to simple broadcast 09-07 20:00:27.398 24072-24121/com.example.appW/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Try To sent: applicationOpen 09-07 20:00:27.399 24072-24121/com.example.appW/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Pushwoosh Request: {"request":{"v":"","application":"CXXXX-EXXXX","hwid":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","device_type":3,"userId":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}} 09-07 20:00:27.399 24072-24121/com.example.appW/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Pushwoosh Request To: https://cp.pushwoosh.com/json/1.3/applicationOpen 09-07 20:00:27.400 24072-24121/com.example.appI/System.out﹕ [socket][3] connection cp.pushwoosh.com/;LocalPort=52415(0) 09-07 20:00:27.400 24072-24121/com.example.appI/System.out﹕ [CDS]connect[cp.pushwoosh.com/] tm:90 09-07 20:00:28.551 24072-24118/com.example.appW/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Pushwoosh Result: {"status_code": 210, "status_message": "Application not found"} 09-07 20:00:28.552 24072-24118/com.example.appE/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] ERROR: {"status_code":210,"status_message":"Application not found"}. Response = {"status_code":210,"status_message":"Application not found"} java.lang.Exception: {"status_code":210,"status_message":"Application not found"} at com.pushwoosh.internal.request.RequestManager.sendRequestSync(Unknown Source) at com.pushwoosh.PushManager.registerUserInternal(Unknown Source) at com.pushwoosh.PushManager.access$000(Unknown Source) at com.pushwoosh.PushManager$1.run(Unknown Source)

asked 07 Sep '15, 15:10
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question" by Benedict 09 Sep '15, 08:47

It seems there was an issue on the server side. Are you still getting this error?

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answered 08 Sep '15, 14:34
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No, now i don't get this error

(09 Sep '15, 05:11) mindw0rk mindw0rk's gravatar image

Please make sure your Pushwoosh App Id is correct and matches the one in the Pushwoosh Control Panel.

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answered 08 Sep '15, 08:49
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AppId and ProjectId is correct, I checked several times.

I tried to send a messages to the test devices, the two devices receive messages, one is not, despite the error.

(08 Sep '15, 08:55) mindw0rk mindw0rk's gravatar image

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