I'm trying to create an Android / iOS Xamarin forms app using Xamarin Studio on a Mac.

I was able to successfully import the Pushwoosh iOS SDK (http://docs.pushwoosh.com/docs/xamarin-ios-sdk) project, and modify the AppDelegate.cs file.

On the Android side though (http://docs.pushwoosh.com/docs/xamarin-android-sdk), the Pushwoosh namespace is not found when I try to use it in the MainActivity.cs file.

I also tried to load the sample Xamarin Android app and saw the same problem, though if I load the sample in Visual Studio it sees the reference just fine.

Does the Android project not work outside of Visual Studio?

namespace not found

asked 24 Sep '15, 20:40
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I had a simular problem but with Touch. restarting Xamarin studio magically resolved the issue

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answered 05 Nov '15, 15:10
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This is happening again.. also in the latest Sample Project

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answered 28 Oct '16, 08:20
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Has this been resolved?

I am having great difficulties with Visual Studio 2015 Xamarin Android and iOS. Even though Pushwoosh namespaces are not found, on iOS, I can still build, but I have no such luck with Android Xamarin.

Can anyone care to answer why this is?


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answered 03 Mar, 08:25
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Thank you Rupe, I had a quick look at PushSharp, lots of people saying good things about it.

Going to be hard to convince my client to move over to something which actually works! Let's see.

Really thanks for your reply.

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answered 03 Mar, 14:27
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