Since this very morning pushwoosh stopped working. Below you find my log. We are using push in a big app and we can't affort problems like this. (p.s. it's on Android and not any specific API lvl)

09-30 10:47:16.974    5278-5320/com.fashiola W/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Try To sent: registerUser
09-30 10:47:16.984    5278-5320/com.fashiola W/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Pushwoosh Request: {"request":{"v":"","hwid":"6af5591df5d73435","userId":"6af5591df5d73435","application":"1BC07-67E7B"}}
09-30 10:47:16.984    5278-5320/com.fashiola W/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] Pushwoosh Request To:
09-30 10:47:16.984    5278-5320/com.fashiola I/System.out﹕ (HTTPLog)-Static: isSBSettingEnabled false
09-30 10:47:17.064    5278-5320/com.fashiola I/System.out﹕ KnoxVpnUidStorageknoxVpnSupported API value returned is false
09-30 10:47:17.284    5278-5320/com.fashiola E/Pushwoosh﹕ [RequestManager] ERROR: Response = null
            at            at            at            at com.pushwoosh.internal.request.RequestManager.makeRequest(Unknown Source)
            at com.pushwoosh.internal.request.RequestManager.sendRequestSync(Unknown Source)
            at com.pushwoosh.PushManager.registerUserInternal(Unknown Source)
            at com.pushwoosh.PushManager.access$000(Unknown Source)
            at com.pushwoosh.PushManager$ Source)
asked 30 Sep '15, 09:43
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The /registerUser call is not related to push notifications and registration of devices for receiving push as this API call is dedicated to registering users for In-App Messaging (currently in beta), therefore, it should not have affected you push notification campaigns. The API call for registering devices for push notifications is /registerDevice. We will incorporate additional changes in order to remove such unwanted alerts in the application logs if In-Apps are not used.

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answered 30 Sep '15, 10:57
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Alex Spotar

Btw I didn't do the call myself this line did: pushManager.registerForPushNotifications();

(02 Oct '15, 12:49) Tunder Tunder's gravatar image

It seems to work again. Think they were busy with a little maintance? Is there a schedule or something we can check these things on. Because it wouldn't be nice if thanks to a maintance 10.000 users wouldn't receive their push message

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answered 30 Sep '15, 10:24
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