We encountered reception problems on some of our customer Smartphones and do not exactly know why for now.

Looking at the official Pushwoosh documentation (http://docs.pushwoosh.com/docs/createmessage) the samples show TTL configurations equal to 3600 seconds.

So I have several questions about the default behavior of Pushwoosh servers (i.e when we do not manually specify TTL values) :

Is the "Expiration Time" (specified in the administration GUI) directly mapped to the *ttl parameters of the Remote API (i.e the default value used) ?

If this is not the case :

  • What's the default Android TTL value ? Is it the default 4 weeks TTL of GCM ?
  • What's the default iOS TTL value used by Pushwoosh ?

Anyway I think it would be a good idea to add a mention in the documentation to indicate what's the default behavior when no explicit TTL is provided.



asked 02 Nov '15, 18:22
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edited 02 Nov '15, 18:31

The default TTL for GCM is 4 weeks, while for APNs it's 186400 seconds

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answered 09 Nov '15, 16:23
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Alex Spotar

Hi, sorry for the delay.

Thanks for your response !

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answered 27 Nov '15, 16:31
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