I'm adding pushwoosh to a crosswalk cordova app that I have in the Amazon and Google Play stores. I have added the pushwoosh cordova plugin and it works great running on a regular android device but I'm having trouble on the Fire. Should it work via GCM or do I need to receive notifications via ADM?

asked 19 Nov '15, 06:17
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Amazon devices should receive pushes via ADM. You can find Pushwoosh native integration guide following this link:


You should also configure your app in Pushwoosh Control Panel for ADM specifying your Client ID and Client Secret.

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answered 24 Nov '15, 12:52
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Vitaly Roman...

My app is built with Cordova using the pushwoosh-phonegap-3.0-plugin and my question is do I need to do anything special to receive notifications on Amazon devices? For example, what do I supply in the onDeviceReady for projectid?

(08 Dec '15, 01:19) ghoward ghoward's gravatar image

Looks like I'm out of luck with my Cordova app. Got this response from Pushwoosh support:-

Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in Pushwoosh! Unfortunately, our PhoneGap plugin does not support Amazon devices. Probably this support will be implemented in the future, however I cannot provide the ETA at the moment. Please let me know if you have any further questions! Kind regards, Max Kuzakov Pushwoosh team

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answered 08 Dec '15, 18:04
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