I want to send userid and device id to pushwoosh control panel and then send the notification on the behalf of userid in the phonegap application


asked 20 Nov '15, 07:55
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To submit a device with a particular userID you can use our Tags feature. Please let me explain in details:

First of all you should create a Tag in Pushwoosh Control Panel, then you should make a /setTags API request to set values for your tags:

{ "request":{ "application":"DEAD0-BEEF0", "hwid": "device hardware id", "tags": { "userID": "user1" }
} }

You can use the following method to set tag values on your device with Phonegap for iOS:


Then you should create a filter in Control Panel and apply it to your messages while sending push (Filters tab) via Control Panel or adding "filter" parameter to your /createMessage request if sending via API.

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answered 24 Nov '15, 12:15
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Vitaly Roman...

Thanks Vitaly,

After creating { "request":{ "application":"DEAD0-BEEF0", "hwid": "device hardware id", "tags": { "userID": "user1" } } },

Can I send Push Notification on the basis of UserId using Remote API

(25 Nov '15, 13:46) sahabeip sahabeip's gravatar image

Sure thing! You can use either "conditions" or "filter" parameter in your /createMessage API request in order to do that. Please find a detailed description following this link:


(25 Nov '15, 15:12) Vitaly Roman... Vitaly%20Romanychev's gravatar image
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