I followed all the instructions in the sample app at - https://github.com/Pushwoosh/phonegap-3-sample-app/blob/master/www/js/PushwooshAndroid.js

I have added my google project id as well as the pw app id in my app. I have also added a server key to the PW console which I obtained from the Google developer console.

However when my application tries to register the device I always get an error, "Invalid action". I went through the plugin source code and could not find the plugin raising this error which makes me think the error appears from the PushWoosh backend.

Has anyone seen this before? How do I resolve it?

asked 02 Dec '15, 08:04
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Could you please let me know whether the sample app itself produces such error? Have you also followed this guide attentively?

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answered 03 Dec '15, 09:35
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Hi Benedict,

How do I go about installing the sample app? I am using cordova and there don't seem to be instructions on how to install.

I did follow the guide attentively. I mostly copy pasted the code from there into my project.

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answered 03 Dec '15, 11:13
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I have decided to use phonegap notifications plugin instead of PushWoosh because I simply cannot get it to work. Maybe next time.

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answered 04 Dec '15, 11:55
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We have this same issue. It's a shame an answer was never provided.

Yes, we have followed every step in the guide.

What does "invalid action" mean, PushWoosh?

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answered 19 Feb '16, 04:15
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Same error here ...

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answered 03 Mar '16, 02:16
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Mathilde Rig...

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