Hi All,

Is there is some doc/help about integration of Pushwoosh with Qt/QML mobile applications?

If there it is, please can you share with me?

Thanks in advance, Tim

asked 04 Jan '16, 18:39
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You just need to add Pushwoosh Android SDK to your project as external library (jar) and integrate with the Android API of the sdk

I'm not sure, but maybe this link would help:

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answered 12 Jan '16, 13:22
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What platform are you working with?

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answered 11 Jan '16, 12:52
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Hi Shader,

I am try to build Android mobile application with Qt/QML and want to integrate pushwoosh in order to received notification and eventually and parse that notifications. I am working on Linux as OS where i am build project.


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answered 11 Jan '16, 13:03
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Hi Shader, Yes i success to add Pushwoosh Android SDK to your project as external library (jar).

I have make successful registration of the user. This is what server response :

Pushwoosh request: I/Pushwoosh(25226): | Url: https://cp.pushwoosh.com/json/1.3/registerDevice I/Pushwoosh(25226): | Payload: {"request":{"device_type":"3","jailbroken":1,"userId":"6770fb2d52eee9df","android_package":"net.vplay.plugins.Promotion","timezone":3600,"v":"","app_version":"1.0","sounds":["bubble","push_sound","silence"],"device_model":"Samsung SM-G531F","device_name":"Phone","push_token":"frIDWLxtHLw:APA91bHwKy9VGuHM_3qLwnoRDQgtGB56HuPVLaZ-Bs-nibp4L-CGJW55T8FqtNeGyw8GUjkybKIGZAC5_1bgukCFcF91SYkFIxFABka05KCd4LMAkgfJ1GV3A23AhB4Tx6GazBPpz6vD","os_version":"5.1.1","language":"en","application":"FCF01-1022B","hwid":"6770fb2d52eee9df"}} I/Pushwoosh(25226): | Response: {"status_code":200,"status_message":"OK","response":null} I/Pushwoosh(25226): x D/Pushwoosh(25226): [RequestManager] registerDevice response success V/Pushwoosh(25226): [RegistrationPrefs] Setting registered on server status as: true W/Pushwoosh(25226): [DeviceRegistrar] Registered for pushes: frIDWLxtHLw:APA91bHwKy9VGuHM_3qLwnoRDQgtGB56HuPVLaZ-Bs-nibp4L-CGJW55T8FqtNeGyw8GUjkybKIGZAC5_1bgukCFcF91SYkFIxFABka05KCd4LMAkgfJ1GV3A23AhB4Tx6GazBPpz6vD

But i have problem to received notifications, can you give me further instruction what to do to start receiving notification on my device?

Thanks in advance.

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answered 13 Jan '16, 12:47
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edited 13 Jan '16, 13:17

Hi, You need to follow the Android guide and to know what Android activity do you use in your QT app. You have to extend this Activity or use Custom Broadcast Receiver (like here: http://docs.pushwoosh.com/docs/android-faq#using-custom-push-broadcast-receiver-in-android) You'll have to write some Java code there.

(26 Jan '16, 23:33) shader shader's gravatar image
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