Hi, I had a fine working application (in Unity) with older version of PushWoosh (probably from 12/2014). Now I decided to upgrade to newer version along with Google Play Services and Android Support Library. Upgrade went OK, but now the push messages are not received - every message I send is resulted in MesmatchSenderId error. Except the pushwoosh and mentioned libraries has changed. I've also tried to generate another API key, but it did not help. There's also no error in logcat. Any suggestions? Thanks

asked 19 Jan '16, 16:42
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Probably it is something connected to project settings in Google console -

I've used the same App_Code and GCM_Project_Number (known as APP1_Settings further) in Pushwoosh Unity Sample App, and it didn't work either. But when I've used another App_Code and coresponding GCM_Project_Number (aka APP2_Settings), it worked like a charm.

Strange thing is, that when I use the APP1_Settings in a project with older Pushwoosh version, everything is OK. (This older version of PushWoosh reads its App_Code and GCM_Project_Number from AndroidManifest.xml)

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Could you please contact our support at help@pushwoosh.com with that issue? It'd be easier to investigate the problem knowing your username and your application code.

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answered 20 Jan '16, 07:43
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