Unable to subscribe to push. DOMException: Registration failed - no sender id provided

asked 19 Feb '16, 12:42
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Subb Iah

We do not guarantee that the tags will be immediately applied to the object. There might be a time gap after you call setTags method and the tags will actually be assigned to the device.

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answered 13 Sep '16, 11:47
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Hi! Please check that you manifest file included to the html page according http://docs.pushwoosh.com/docs/chrome-web-push and contains gcm_sender_id

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answered 25 Feb '16, 16:07
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My web push doesn't work at specific time. for example yesterday(Aug 18, 16:08 to Aug 18, 16:50) i tried to six push messages, but no one is delivered(see your push history report).After that time its working perfectly.My application Code:944A5-3588C

kindly give your Updates...

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answered 19 Aug '16, 07:49
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Subb Iah


I've looked through the Push History and it seems that these messages were sent to the empty list of devices, which means there were no eligible devices to receive the notification!

I've noticed that you've used conditions with specific tag values to target specific devices. It seems that there were no subscribers with said tag values at the moment (may be they'd unsubscribed or deleted the app or you'd chosen an incorrect value).

In any case, it's not the issue of our service as all these messages were filtered properly according to the conditions you'd set.

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answered 23 Aug '16, 04:05
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Thanks for Your information...but i only send the push message to device when setTags is successfully called.i attached to one setTag console, that console denotes successfully called setTag but messag can't received.


debug workerSDKVersion===curVersion 2.8.1 2.8.1 debug Performing setTags call to Pushwoosh with arguments: {"tags":{"CHECKIN":["cust61472709926721"]},"application":"944A5-3588C","hwid":"944A5-3588C_3134775f72498157e0098224624a326e"} 6-?r=1:2012 traceo.(anonymous function) @ cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1(anonymous function) @ cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1e.callAPI @ cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1e.setTags @ cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1(anonymous function) @ 6-?r=1:2012(anonymous function) @ cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1 cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1 debug setTags call to Pushwoosh has been successful cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1 traceo.(anonymous function) @ cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1u.onload @ cdn.pushwoosh.com/webpush/pushwoosh-web-notifications.js:1 6-?r=1:2013 setTags result Objectskipped: Array[0]length: 0__proto__: Array[0]concat:

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answered 01 Sep '16, 07:52
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Subb Iah

edited 01 Sep '16, 07:53

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