I have 2 appliactions on my PushWoosh account (x and Y). One of them had its APNs certificate expired on friday (X app) and i've generated and set up a new one for it in PushWoosh panel (manual setup).

Since then the application with new APN cert (X app). receives and opens push messages sent to the other application (Y app).

I've alrteady checked that certificates for both applications are generated for different bundleIds. I am taking two situations under consideration: 1) in developer apple website the certificate was generated incorectly, although i've pointed cpecific bundleId of app X. It looks like a certificate generated for some kind of wildacrd. 2) PushWoosh sends push message using wrong certificate

Is it even possible? How to debug it?

asked 24 Feb '16, 14:24
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I am having the exact same issues on Android pushes we have quite a number of apps on our account and it has started going "crazy" it pushes different devices with randomized text and different images

i really hope someone provides an answer soon although i think it might be the pushwoosh systems.


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answered 25 Feb '16, 00:07
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I got an answear from PushWoosh yesterday that in my case it was a bug in PushWoosh backend. I didn't have oppotunity to verify if that was fixed already because there were no new pushes in my production application.

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answered 25 Feb '16, 09:27
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same here, is there already a fix for this?

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answered 25 Feb '16, 14:52
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Could you please tell me when did you send the pushes that got affected by that issue?

(26 Feb '16, 06:21) Nikolai Nikolai's gravatar image

Hi Nikolai, issue was first recognized on the 21st of Feb.

(29 Feb '16, 10:48) laola laola's gravatar image

Our engineers'd applied a fix on February, 24. Do I understand you correctly that you have not encountered that issue ever since?

(29 Feb '16, 12:38) Nikolai Nikolai's gravatar image

as far as I know there were no problems reported the last days, so maybe the fix on 24th did the job.

(01 Mar '16, 08:17) laola laola's gravatar image

Good to hear. Don't hesitate to contact us at help@pushwoosh com in case you encounter the issue :)

(01 Mar '16, 09:31) Nikolai Nikolai's gravatar image
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