Hi there,


The javascript file and config.xml that we have is by refering to the link given below to do the setting. http://docs.pushwoosh.com/docs/phonegap-build https://github.com/Pushwoosh/phonegap-3-sample-app

And follows url is our all files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cd9aofju8ge6a89/AABT875F3Mx9FwVrhyvH7Xf5a?dl=0

The current problem that we are facing,

As long as we add in this command in the config.xml: <allow-navigation href="*"/>

We are unable to receive any notifications.

But if we do not add this line to the program, you can not directly open the phone APP, you must open your browser, but can receive push notifications.

Other than that, we have found the same issue we are facing in this link: https://community.pushwoosh.com/questions


But this problem is because of causes by Google Server Key, But we are sure that our project ID, Pushwoosh ID and Server Key is working fine.

Therefore, please help use to navigate the issues as soon as possible which is related to <allow-navigation href="*"/>

1.why we are unable to include this command, once added we are unable to receive notifications?

2.Why not add this line to open the APP program but need to use the browser?

We have to solve 1 out of this 2 issue.

Could help me check?

Thank you, Best Regards.

asked 08 Mar '16, 01:55
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I've consulted our developers and they told me that
< allow-navigation href="*"/ > is not contained in our Sample app, yet it works fine without it. You may check the same by yourself, if you try building our Sample app:


permanent link
answered 10 Mar '16, 09:46
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