Im trying to register tags with setTags but it is not register it at pushwoosh? I have created a tag called "Grupper" as a listtag a pushwoosh.

This is what I have:

var data = {

"request": {
  "application": applicationId,
  "hwid": deviceId,

  "tags": {
        "Grupper": ["value1","value2"],

}; $.ajax({

         type: "POST",
         url: "",
         data: JSON.stringify(data),
         dataType: "json",
         error: function(data){
         myApp.alert("SKOLAPPEN Error",getStatusCode)
         success: function(data){
          myApp.alert('SKOLAPPEN', 'It is saved!');

So what´s wrong with "tags"... here? Thanks a lot!

asked 17 Mar '16, 14:13
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edited 17 Mar '16, 14:33

Hi again :)

Could you please also show a response you receive after you send a /setTags request?

Does it give you any error message? Maybe on of the status codes in response like here:

permanent link
answered 18 Mar '16, 04:56
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The only response I get is in the success? I get no errors!? Im not sure how to get the status_code in the response? I don´t see it in the success?

(18 Mar '16, 11:32) Manmade Manmade's gravatar image

Also, as far as I can tell, there is an unneeded comma in your code here:

"Grupper": ["value1","value2"],

While it should be

"Grupper": ["value1","value2"]

Also, I assume that you specify applicationID and deviceID in quotes, like this:

"application": "applicationId", "hwid": "deviceId",

permanent link
answered 18 Mar '16, 05:21
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edited 18 Mar '16, 05:22

Yes the comma was their by misstake. And yes they are strings.

(18 Mar '16, 11:33) Manmade Manmade's gravatar image
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