what's the difference between onPushReceived and onPushAccepted? I just want to display the data in the notification, but I'm not sure if I have to use both onPushReceived and onPushAccepted or will just onPushReceived be enough? thanks, Ed

asked 23 Mar '16, 13:58
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onPushReceived method tells the delegate that the push manager has received a remote notification.

onPushAccepted method tells the delegate that the user has pressed OK on the push notification.

You may refer to our SDK API Docs for the detailed information.

Which particular data that you want to display?

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answered 25 Mar '16, 14:14
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Max Kuzakov

I want to display the data in the notification. So, when user presses ok it's when the app isn't open? Is onPushReceived called only when app is open and onPushAccepted only when app isn't open? Or is onPushReceived called in both circumstances?

(28 Mar '16, 08:08) lefty lefty's gravatar image


Our SDK developers have informed me that the behaviour of these methods differ in foreground only. Therefore, it will be sufficient to use onPushAccepted method.

In case you are using both methods, only onPushReceived will be called.

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answered 30 Mar '16, 11:32
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Max Kuzakov

Ok, thanks. That clears things up

(30 Mar '16, 15:48) lefty lefty's gravatar image
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