We have an existing custom push mechanic and wan't to migrate to your services. Because we use an existing push system we can't integrate your SDK seamlessly.

For existing services it's possible to migrate to your service without a new SDK. We wan't to integrate the SDK asp but this will not happen directly.

Basically is it possible to use your service (migrating the device reg's via export import) and use a basic push message machanic on your system with existing and new registrations (from our old api). New registrations coming from our old api will be automatically forwarded to your api?

Thank you for the quick response.

Kind regards, Roy

asked 23 Mar '16, 16:46
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Is the above possible and can you contact us to help migrate to your service?

(23 Mar '16, 16:49) royoltmans royoltmans's gravatar image


By default the registration procedure is performed by our SDK automatically, and we strongly discourage you from doing this manually via API. Please keep in mind that without SDK the overall reliability of the system would be lower: for instance, there might be a discrepancy in how your code and our SDK process the received push, which will result in incorrect display of the notification, and also most of our advanced functionality just won't work.

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answered 24 Mar '16, 08:58
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We will migrate to your SDK asp, but in between time we have users using the old and new device registration method. So this construction will work for a short period for us.

Secondary, I wan't to migrate the existing device regs (these are around ~500.000 registrations) to your platform to send the push messages (plain) via your system to devices without the SDK. Is this possible, and can you help us in realizing this?

Thank your for the quick response!

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answered 24 Mar '16, 09:05
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edited 24 Mar '16, 09:07

Sure we can migrate you easily.

Just contact our support service at help@pushwoosh.com and we will help you with the migration process!

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answered 01 Apr '16, 11:06
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Hi Nikola,

Can you tell me if the migrated devices (without the sdk on board) can be reached with push notifications from Push Woosh? I can't conclude that yet from your answer on the question Roy asked last time.

Thanks and regards, Mark

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answered 15 Apr '16, 13:38
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While it can be possible, we strongly discourage our users from doing so.

(15 Apr '16, 14:06) Nikolai Nikolai's gravatar image
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