We are trying to send silent push notification with empty content which contains latest locations, ie. lat/lon... of the drivers to the android customer app. However, the push notification keeps appearing on the device's system notification centre with empty content/message.

We are using the latest version of the Android SDK, ie. 3.5.1 and this is done in native development. can someone please help us in solving this issue as we are not able to find any help or guide in the Android SDK documentation.

asked 24 Mar '16, 11:10
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Hello Allie,

As far as I know, you are having the conversation with my colleague in a support ticket regarding this question. May I ask you whether you require any assistance here?

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answered 25 Mar '16, 07:18
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Max Kuzakov

Hi Max. Seems we were using an outdated library that was not using the android_root_param to set the silent push. Thanks to Pavel, that is now resolved. We do still have 2 related issues that we hope someone can assist us.

Our app usually are set in the background by most users. So now we have 2 separate things to solve which I hope the experienced android developers here can help us with.

1) How to wake and launch the app to the foreground when receiving a silent push? 2) How to process the data from a silent push without waking or launching the app to the foreground?

Thanks and hope someone can assist me in these 2 separate issues.

Regards, Allie Syadiqin

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answered 31 Mar '16, 14:41
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