Does PushWoosh support sending push via websocket? How should I achieve use websocket together with Pushwoosh?


Why I want this feature:

  • Use case: We need to push notification from backend to our Android app.
  • We have a "activity" tab (similar to notification tab in Facebook app - where you can see all notifications "A has commented on your post", etc...).
  • If user is opening this screen, we want to send real-time notification using websocket. When another user likes this user's post, for example, we want the user to get notified instantly.
  • If the activity screen is not open, I will use global notification (similar to GCM) instead. This part we are using Pushwoosh.
  • I researched and found that sending post via websocket is solution for real time, and global notification sometimes can have delay.
asked 28 Mar '16, 10:14
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Tung Dao

edited 28 Mar '16, 11:53

I've checked your updated post and it seems that we indeed do not provide such service (websocket) on the regular basis. In case you are interested in creating individual custom solution for that use-case, please contact our support service at :)

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answered 28 Mar '16, 12:39
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Actually, the push notifications are also real-time! Could you please specify why exactly you are willing to use a websocket for such task? Also, could you please describe the use-case in more detail? Is it a webpush (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) or the push for the application on the smartphone/tablet?

As for the availability of the websocket feature - currently we are not providing such services on the regular basis, however we can provide the custom solution for such case. If you are interested - please hit our support service at so we'd be able to advice on the solution.

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answered 28 Mar '16, 11:20
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Thanks for your comment. I updated my question to answer your question. If you have more information, please help.

(28 Mar '16, 11:52) Tung Dao Tung%20Dao's gravatar image
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