I don't get any push Open statistics - it's all zero and graph is empty. I see the very same problem in your demo account

asked 19 Mar '14, 10:15
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Hi, Inon!

It's seems right.

5 minute ago 0 pushes sent. 15 minute ago 2550 pushes sent. 1 hour, 6 hour, 1 day and 2 weeks include amount of opened pushes from previous intervals(this is new behavior introduced some days ago, before previous amount(from 5, 15 min, etc was not included into next interval).

Total number of open pushes is equal to 2 weeks open pushes amount(behavior of these graphs changed a couple days ago)

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answered 24 Mar '14, 14:09
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Thank you for pointing out the error, it has been fixed a couple of hours ago. Could you please confirm that now you see the Push Open stats properly?

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answered 20 Mar '14, 09:01
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Alex Spotar

Hi Alexander, please see my comment below

(24 Mar '14, 13:52) inon inon's gravatar image

hi. still, I don't see the Push Open stats properly here is for example push stats from a few minuets ago (2819 is the total number of push openings). this push was sent less then 30 min ago

alt text

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answered 24 Mar '14, 13:51
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Hi FallDi,

Thank you for your reply.

it doesn't make any sense that in the first 5 minuets not a single push was opened, and then later on 2819 were opened.

the graph looked different about a week ago. here is an example how it looked like. I'm attaching now a screenshot from about a week or so. in this example a total of 4,638 pushes were opened.

0-5 min 1,337 were opened

5-15 min 698 were opened

15min - 1hour 1,113 were opened

1-6hours 1,308 were opened

6hours-1 day 361 were opened

1 day-2weeks none

total - 4,638

this graph makes sense alt text

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answered 24 Mar '14, 16:01
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