Hi Community,

we have a problem with our app. We build the app with development certificates. The Pushwoosh app is also set to gateway sandbox.

After allowing pushes on an ios device the registerDevice request returns 200 ok and all is good. After we uninstall and reinstall the app (with incremented build-id) the registerDevice request still returns 200 ok, but no push arrives. The Push History claims "gateway problems". That happens 90% of the tries.

This also happens on devices which install the app for the first time.

Android works fine evertime.

Has anybody found similar problems?

Cheers and thanks, Tobi

asked 31 Mar '16, 14:02
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I've observed same issue, since I've migrated to version 4.2.2 of plugin. I've downgraded to plugin 4.2.0 and works well back.

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answered 01 Apr '16, 00:11
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Could you please contact our support service at help@pushwoosh.com? While contacting, please attach the logs from the device that is not able to receive pushes.

To retrieve the console log from an iOS device, you should connect the test device to your computer, launch Xcode, and open the "Devices" section. Then, select your connected device and click the up-triangle at the bottom left to see the device console:


At this point you need to launch your application on the test device and let it run for a minute. What we would like to see is the /registerDevice method being called.

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answered 01 Apr '16, 05:59
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