I am unable to receive any push notifications from a build distributed via TestFlight. Below are the steps I took during testing and deployment of a build for TestFlight. Any assistance in pointing out the flaw would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


I have configured the app to use the development *.cer and *.p12 files.

I have an iPhone that is configured to be a test device.

I am able to compile my app (from Xcode) on my test device and receive a test push notification. I am able to disconnect the device (from Xcode) and receive a test push notification. I am able to receive a regular (not test!) push notification from the same compiled app.

I then delete the device from the list of test devices and send a regular push notification and receive it just fine.

I then bundled the app for TestFlight which requires the Distribution PPs to be used (I verified during validation that they were mapped/using the correct ones.)

When I attempt to send a notification I receive the error that I have an 'Invalid token'.

Invalid token

Which leads me to change the *.cer and *.p12 files to the distribution files.

I attempt my final test notification and receive nothing. No invalid token, however zero devices are now "push available".

zero devices

And I have no report from the push history.

No report

What am I not configuring properly?

Again, thanks for any help.

asked 31 Mar '16, 19:45
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edited 31 Mar '16, 19:47

You should indeed use Production push certificates for your Test Flight build. I can see that you've already created a support ticked for this issue — would you also send a log from a device running the test flight build, so that we can make sure that the registration procedure is performed successfully?

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answered 01 Apr '16, 05:33
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I have to say, I'm embarrassed because today they are working. I haven't changed a thing since creating this question, merely posted a new notification this AM in order to get the requested log file.

Is there some sort of propagation that occurs on your end once a *.cert and *.p12 are uploaded?

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answered 01 Apr '16, 15:25
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We are not receiving iOS notifications through the Unity plugin either since the last update.

(10 Apr '16, 20:53) GuyT GuyT's gravatar image
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