we currently have 2 different IOS application (with 2 different Apple Id): one for iPad and another one for iPhone. currently we are sending push notifications only to one of our apps (the iPhone). we plan to:

  1. send push notifications to the ipad app
  2. later we will close the iphone app and unite it with the ipad app (create a universal app with the current iPad app Apple id).

what is the best practice for this step:

  1. unite tokens from iphone apple ID to ipad apple ID (I guess it's not possible to move tokens from one apple id to another)

  2. create a temporary pushwoosh app just for the ipad and put it in application group with the iphone pushwoosh app (that also have android and safari). and send push notifications to that group until we'll close the iphone app, and then move the tokens from the temporary pushwoosh app to the current iphone pushwoosh app. in that case we will only shift tokens between pushwoosh apps, and not between Apple Id's (which seems more possible to me)

what do you think?

asked 19 Mar '14, 13:57
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push tokens are application (Bundle ID) specific, which means, that if we move tokens from one Pushwoosh application to another, they automatically will become invalid, since they will not match the Bundle ID of the receiving Pushwoosh application. So, even in your second scenario, you are going to move tokens from "iPad" Pushwoosh application, configured with "iPad" bundle ID, to the "iPhone" Pushwoosh application, configured with "iPhone" Bundle ID, which will make all "iPad" push tokens invalid.

Could you please specify, why would not you add the support of the iPad to the existing application?

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answered 26 Mar '14, 15:05
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