Hi, I want to push notifications using the RemoteAPI in my Python backend. I managed to register a test device, but I can't seem to create a message. It looks for a platform parameter even if I set it. Here's the JSON I'm sending to pushwoosh. Am I missing something?

{ "request":{ "application": appcode, "push_token": push_token, "language":"en", "hwid": "a9f282012f5dce9e", "timezone": -18000, "device_type": 3 } }

Here's the error I get from the server

{"status_code":210,"status_message":"Please select at least one platform","response":null}

The pushtoken and hwid I used is from the Android FAQ

The device ID is what I used for registration using the following JSON:

{ "request": { "application": appcode, "auth": apitoken, "notifications": [{ "send_date": "now", "ignore_user_timezone": True, "platforms": [3], "content": "Hello world!", "devices": ["a9f282012f5dce9e"] }] } }

It returned the following result after calling /registerDevice


asked 02 Apr '16, 02:15
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I may have answered my own question. I didn't have a configuration setup for Android (w/c is the device type I selected -- 3). It seemed to work after I added the configuration

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answered 02 Apr '16, 04:13
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I am glad the issue got resolved. For more timely response please head to our support service next time at help@pushwoosh.com :)

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answered 04 Apr '16, 05:05
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