Hi , I was using a project using IBM Worklight with cordova and using IDE is Eclipse., From ur documentation , i dont get how to achieve to use pushwhoosh. can u please send some details to use my project.

FYI : From my analysis "cordova plugin add pushwoosh-cordova-plugin" can't be add a plugin by command with IBM Worklight project i guess.

I am try to following Pushwhoosh guide. But from the begining , it requirs to add plugin from command.

cordova plugin add pushwoosh-cordova-plugin

But i am usin eclipse IDE , and dont know how to add those plugin,

Hope will some one will help to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance.!

I have try the Below

@Command Prompt :

cordova create PusTestApp

cordova plugin add pushwoosh-cordova-plugin

Fetching plugin "pushwoosh-cordova-plugin" via npm

  • Finall its add the plugin to there by created a folder with named"pushwoosh-cordova-plugin". -It contains PushNotifications.java and PushNotifications.js

@Eclipse :

  • After I was open Ecliple create a WorkLight project and added android environment.
  • Inside "src" folder added the PushNotifications.java
  • Inside "www/js" folder added the PushNotifications.js
  • Include that js file into index.html

Now if i run android project.

  • It's shows error message as "Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined". at Pushnotification.js

Also i have tried to modify the "cordova_plugin.js" add a new module at module.exports=[{}], thats also not work. show some error.

asked 19 Apr '16, 12:14
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