Dear All

your support please with my issus , i am developing with JQuery mobile and Cordova

i am using the pushwoosh default soune when i send the request via createMessage API contol

i tried to use my one sound and not working , i created a folder res/raw and put the sound inside and and in the main bundle also for ios

then i used the (without extension)

            "android_sound" : "soundfile", // Optional. No file extension

and for ios (with extension)

            "ios_sound": "sound file.wav",    // Optional. Sound file name in the main bundle of application

and still not receving anything !!

i changed the option in android javascript (PushwooshAndroid.js)


i put 2 and same problem

what is the wrong with my code ???

asked 21 Apr '16, 22:41
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this is the API that i used to send the pushwoosh notifiction

type: "POST",
url: "",
data: JSON.stringify({
    "request": {
        "application": "C1CA3-66CF4",
        "auth": "xxxxxxx",
        "notifications": [{
            "send_date": "now",
            "ignore_user_timezone": true,
            "devices":[              // Optional. Not more than 1000 tokens in an array. If set, message will only be delivered to the devices in the list. Ignored if the applications group is used. Only lower case for iOS

            "content": "you have new request with id : "+order_id+" , please accept or reject",
            "android_vibration": true,
            "android_priority":2 ,
            "ios_sound": "raw.wav", 
            "android_sound" : "raw"
dataType: "json"

}).done(function(data) { console.log(data); });

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answered 21 Apr '16, 22:45
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