I have several filters and want to send a push for those users who match at least one of them. For example I have three tags:

morning_pushes_enabled: boolean fresh_news: list funny_videos: list

I want to send a push using the following rule: mornign_pushes_enabled="true" AND (fresh_news="ANIMALS" OR funny_videos "CATS")

How can I implement it using PushWoosh?

asked 16 May '16, 19:06
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To achieve this you should use the conditions parameter of the /createMessage request. You can learn more in this section of our Remote API Guide:


Please keep in mind that “filter” and “conditions” parameters should not be used together. Also, both of them will be ignored, if the "devices" parameter is used in the same request.

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answered 17 May '16, 09:41
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Could you please write the condition for my example?

(25 May '16, 11:54) Vladimir Vladimir's gravatar image

Actually, if you want to send push for those users who match at least one of the filters, you should use /createTargetedMessage request. Sorry for not seeng it from the start, please refer to our Guide for details:


In your case the conditions should look like this:

"devices_filter": "A(\"your_appcode\") * (T(\"mornign_pushes_enabled\", EQ, \"true\") + T(\"fresh_news\", EQ, \"ANIMALS\") + T(\"funny_videos\", EQ, \"CATS\"))" }

(25 May '16, 15:04) idedov idedov's gravatar image
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