Hello! I have created a trial account for trying to use your service in existing application. I have integrated PW Marmalade API into one our android marmalade project and I have several questions

1) I can't receive notification neither when app is running nor when it's closed. In console I validated my merged android manifest without any errors and in console I see 1 registered (online/offline) user. In console, in "Send Push" menu I enter notification text, press "Woosh!" button, see "Push notification created" message and nothing else happens. Also statistics of pushes is clear. (UPD but statistics of apps opened int's clear and has real values)

2) Default language in my console is Russian but I want it to be English. I understand that messages localization is paid feature but English is more common language to be default. Could it be the reason why I am not receiving messages?

Please could you help me to figure out with this?

Also I have several notices about API integration:

1) The way you are including android-support-v4.jar & google-play-services.jar conflicts with the common way of including them in marmalade's applications. I mean that marmalade has googleplayservices as the subproject.

2) For Marmalade is common to extend AndroidManifest with ${EXTRA_ATTRIBS}, ${EXTRA_MANIFESTS} and so one, instead of merging manifest with existing one. It gives capabilities of easily configuration project with a defines in .mkb project files.

I am are interested in using your service for all our application on android, ios, amazon and wp if I could successfully integrate your API



I reviewed my AndroidManifest.xml and enabled all permissions which is enabled in test project's manifest including "SEND_SMS", "RECORD_AUDIO", "CAMERA" etc. After this I, finally, received all sent notifications. That permissions seems unnecessary and could frighten players. Also I think that manifest validation tool in PW console should have show an error about missed permissions.

asked 27 May '16, 13:02
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edited 30 May '16, 10:04

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