So i got so many errors like this below

Fatal Exception: java.lang.SecurityException: Client must have ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission to perform any location operations. at android.os.Parcel.readException( at android.os.Parcel.readException( at$zza$zza.zza(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at$1.zza(Unknown Source) at$1.zza(Unknown Source) at$zza.zzre(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at com.pushwoosh.location.LocationTracker.updateLocationTracking( at com.pushwoosh.location.LocationTracker.onConnected( at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at$1.onConnected(Unknown Source) at$zzj.zzl(Unknown Source) at$zza.zztp(Unknown Source) at$zza.zztp(Unknown Source) at$zze.zztr(Unknown Source) at$zzd.handleMessage(Unknown Source) at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage( at android.os.Looper.loop( at at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at$ at at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(

So seems like Pushwoosh tried to access Location even when I don't need it to do that. How to avoid this? Thanks.

asked 20 Jun '16, 11:06
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Please update to 4.3.1 version. The problems are fixed there. Pushwoosh does not access Location unless you call startTrackingGeoPushes method.

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answered 29 Jun '16, 12:11
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Please update your Pushwoosh SDK to the latest version, you can grab it from our GitHub repo:

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answered 29 Jun '16, 12:12
Vitaly%20Romanychev's gravatar image

Vitaly Roman...

Hi Thanks for this info. So if I understand from the previous version, when we use startTrackingGeoPushes Pushwoosh will save the state to SharedPreferences. So If for the next version I remove all startTrackingGeoPushes and stopTrackingGeoPushes calls, and remove Location permission from my project. Is everything gonna be alright? I afraid that even I do everything I said before, Pushwoosh will still try to access User location since the SharedPreferences already saved.

(29 Jun '16, 12:41) khairil khairil's gravatar image

Yes, that should do everything fine. You can also add stopTrackingGeoPushes call after onStartup call as an extra safety.

(29 Jun '16, 12:48) shader shader's gravatar image

Sure, with the latest update if an app has no permissions and have startLocationTracking/stopLocationTracking methods called it will still work without crashes.

(29 Jun '16, 12:49) Vitaly Roman... Vitaly%20Romanychev's gravatar image

Great. Thank you so much for this. Cheers. :)

(30 Jun '16, 03:52) khairil khairil's gravatar image
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