Hello, nice to meet you. I used Pushwoosh in order to send cell phones messages from my server. But now I got a problem from Pushwoosh, and it is hard to find solutions. To sum up,

  1. I got developer account of Pushwoosh.
  2. My server(node.js) use pushwoosh npm package.
  3. My server send Pushwoosh messages by pushwoosh npm package like below. { send_date: 'now', ignore_user_timezone: true, content: { color: 'green' }, // message I want to send. devices: [ '87c584fdc74e0c54' ] // hardware id. }

  4. But, I got a response from Pushwoosh like below. { status_code: 210, status_message: 'Message with multi languages content is not allowed', response: null }

So, I can't understand why Pushwoosh responsed like this. Can you give me a hint? What is a problem? Thanks in advance.

asked 24 Aug '16, 05:31
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Pushwoosh responded like this, because your "content" parameter looks exactly, like an array that you`d be using to send the Multi-Language push (// Object( language1: 'content1'):

"content": { "en": "HelloWorld!", }

Could you please let us know the use-case of such "content" parameter values? If you need to send the message with the text "color: green", it should look like this:

"content": "color: green"

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answered 24 Aug '16, 08:07
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Oleg Zhukov

Hello, Oleg Zhukov. Thanks to your answer. All our system deliver messages by JSON format. So the "content" looks like that. As you said, I also saw that Pushwoosh can transfer multi-language messages. But Pushwoosh explains that it should conform to language code standard ISO-639-1. So, I can't understand why Pushwoosh responsed "Multi-language" even though sent "color", not "en", "kr" etc.

(25 Aug '16, 02:12) Alticast Alticast's gravatar image
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