Hi all,

My question here is simple: how can I extract the data from pushwoosh to integrate it with my own app user analytics ?

I couldn't find the information anywhere on the website.

Thank you in advance !

asked 25 Aug '16, 04:59
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clement bitton

Hello, Clement!

Could you please elaborate on exactly what data would you like to export?

Regards, Nikita.

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answered 26 Aug '16, 08:48
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Hi Nikita,

Thank you for your answer.

The idea would be to merge the data to our own customer data that is sitting in our servers.

For example know what sort of user tend to read that type of message we would send. Or the read/conversion rate of each "campaign".

I could not find anything in the documentation that answered that.

While pushwoosh have some reporting capabilities like here.

But I would like to integrate that data in our own systems.

My guess is that there is an API that would allow me to get those under a json format, but I couldn't find it in the documentation. Does it exist ? And if it does where could I find more information on that ?

I hope this clarify my question.

Regards !

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answered 29 Aug '16, 01:54
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clement bitton

Hello, Clement!

Actually there are some undocumented API methods that are not publicly documented.

To get more information on that, please use 'Contact us' web-form by the link provided below:


Regards, Nikita.

(29 Aug '16, 06:25) novchinnikov novchinnikov's gravatar image
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