I know that the number of notifications that can be sent to a single user is unlimited. however the number of simultaneous notifications is very important in scheduling notifications to a large number of users. Is there a limitation on the simultaneous number of notifications that can be sent for an application? (ie per second or per hour?)

asked 26 Aug '16, 10:22
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Siamak Nezhadi

Hello Siamak!

Could you please clarify about what kind of simultaneous notifications you are talking about?

As far as I understood, you are want to know how much separate /createMessage requests you would be able to send?

Or you want to know how much push notifications you are be able to send using Pushwoosh service in one second/minute/hour?

I ask you to elaborate on this matter.

Regards, Nikita

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answered 29 Aug '16, 09:15
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edited 29 Aug '16, 09:19

Hello Nikita I have implemented the pushwoosh service in my app already and there is a limitation of 1000 notifications per minute present. Since my app has more than 300,000 users already, it takes a lot of time to complete the queue. Is there any way that we can increase this number to say 10,000 per minute? Regards Siamak

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answered 16 Sep '16, 16:04
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Siamak Nezhadi

Siamak, please note that there is no such limitations on the number of notifications sent in Pushwoosh.

As far as I understood, you are referring to the maximum of number of separate /createMessage requests per minute, and it indeed could be limited to 1000.

However, I want to draw your attention to the fact that you could send millions of notifications with single broadcast /createMessage request.

Also, there is special "send_rate" parameter that may limit numbers of sended pushes per second in range from 100 to 1000 per second. Please note that this parameter is optional.

(17 Sep '16, 03:16) novchinnikov novchinnikov's gravatar image
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