I'm following the tutorial to get my Google Credentials to integrate the Pushwoosh SDK in my Android app. But when I click on Google Cloud messaging in the Google API console, it takes me to a page with information about Firebase and how to integrate it. There is no enable button anymore :( so i'm kinda stuck on enabling Google Cloud Messaging. How do I enable Google Cloud Messaging now? Do I need to create a Firebase project and do it over there?


asked 26 Aug '16, 10:29
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I am just having the same problem as you. I tried using the following link and I enabled Cloud Messaging. When you open the link, you will see a list of all the projects you created on Google Developers Console, so you select the project you are working on. You will also need to write the package name which you can find in the android manifest file. Then you follow the steps they guide you through. At the end, after enabling Cloud Messaging, they will automatically create for you a Server API Key and a Sender_ID which you can use in your code.

However, when I run my ionic app on a device, I am getting some errors. I am not sure if these errors have anything to do with the method I followed or with the app itself. So, if you are going to follow this method, please let me know about your results (if it is going to work or not).


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answered 30 Aug '16, 10:31
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Joum M

Please note that the errors I talked about were due to my app because when I created a simple ionic app, and followed the method I described (the link I provided to enable GCM), the app worked perfectly. It was registering devices and I was able to send push notifications.

(06 Sep '16, 05:19) Joum M Joum%20M's gravatar image

I'm able to still enable gcm by using this link and clicking enable in the top center, replace [PROJECT-ID] with your project's id: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/googlecloudmessaging/overview?project=[PROJECT-ID]

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answered 05 Sep '16, 20:45
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I realized that even though enabling GCM with the link above works, the server key provided by the google console will not work with pushwoosh anymore, I would constantly get API Key is invalid. errors in the Push History. The solution was to go to console.firebase.google.com and create the app there, add messaging service and lookup the new server key under Settings -> Cloud Messaging.

(06 Sep '16, 01:15) dabo dabo's gravatar image

Hello, I am trying your method... I created a project on console.firebase.google.com, and then I opened settings -> Cloud messaging where I found a server key and a sender ID. I used them in the configuration of android platform in my Pushwoosh app; and I updated my ionic app code with the sender ID and Pushwoosh app number. However, when I run the app, the device was not registered. Am I missing any step? You mentioned adding messaging service...How would I add it? (I got an API key and a sender ID without adding this service, how could this happen?)

(07 Sep '16, 10:01) Joum M Joum%20M's gravatar image
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