Hi guys,

Do let me know if someone has successfully implemented push notification on iOS and Android using cordova plugin for pushwoosh.


Front-end : AngularJS + Cordova

Server: Rails

Ive reached thus far:


var initPushwoosh = function() {

    var pushwoosh = cordova.require("pushwoosh-cordova-plugin.PushNotification");

    // Should be called before pushwoosh.onDeviceReady
    document.addEventListener('push-notification', function(event) {
        var notification = event.notification;
        // handle push open here

    // Initialize Pushwoosh. This will trigger all pending push notifications on start.
        appid: "1E01B-5B52A",
        projectid: "MyEDiary"

        function(status) {
            var pushToken = status.pushToken;
            console.log( JSON.stringify(pushToken));
            // handle successful registration here
        function(status) {
            console.log( JSON.stringify(status));
            // handle registration error here


While registering the device, it seems to get a token(alpha numeric number), but trying to send the push doesnt seem to work. Im not sure even the push is working from server. Tried from https://go.pushwoosh.com/applications as well.

My questions are:

  • Where can we find the registered device list in pushwoosh?
  • Is there a success/failure status for each push notification?
  • Are there any detailed documentation for the same?
  • What am i doing wrong?


asked 06 Sep '16, 18:11
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Please note that the projectid value is your Google Project Number as it mentioned in our Cordova Integration Guide at Step 3. The Project Number is automatically assigned by the Google API Console when you create a project. You can find the Project Number in the “IAM & Admin” tab of the Google API console.

We can provide the list of devices subscribed to your app upon your request.

Success/failure status for each push notification can be found in the Push History section of your Pushwoosh Control Panel. In case you require additional assistance regarding different error messages, please contact our support team.

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answered 09 Sep '16, 06:23
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Max Kuzakov

@Max Kuzakov: Thanks for replying. Please note that i'm trying to implement push notification for iOS platform.

(09 Sep '16, 07:06) roymj88 roymj88's gravatar image


Please contact our support team with mentioning of your Pushwoosh username so we could investigate the issue that you are experiencing.

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answered 09 Sep '16, 07:41
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Max Kuzakov

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