just wanted to ask if it is possible to send push notifications to a specific device with a free account? Means, that i´ve got 10 subscribers, and i wanted to send a notification to subscriber 2, later then to subscriber 9 and so on.. Or do i need a payed version? Because i read something that i need the pushwoosh api, but there is nothing like this in the free version?! Is there a way to do this? Or maybe an other service that offers this for free? Would be great! Paying isn´t really an option.. i don´t make money with my app, it´s just for me and my friends.. just 10 people..


asked 27 Mar '14, 08:20
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additional question: how can i disable the alert while getting a notification and the app is in foreground?

(27 Mar '14, 08:27) b0nk b0nk's gravatar image

okay got the solution for the additional question, but still looking for someone who can answer the "send notification to specific device" question

(27 Mar '14, 15:53) b0nk b0nk's gravatar image

Pushwoosh Free account allows you to send broadcast notifications only. Individual pushes are available either with Remote API or Tags feature, which are available for accounts starting with Premium only.

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answered 28 Mar '14, 15:44
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Alex Spotar

okay, thank you!

(28 Mar '14, 16:25) b0nk b0nk's gravatar image
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