If got a pretty annoying issue with the cordova plugin on iOS. The device is registering correctly and when the app is in the background it will alert correctly. But, if the app is in focus the 'push-notification' event it not firing.

I've tested against an android build which works as expected and ensured that the event is being set before device registration but still nothing UNLESS I set the pushwoosh server to debug, in which case it works are expected on both platforms. Any ideas as to what it causing this?!

asked 15 Sep '16, 13:52
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I'm having the same issue using iOS 7. No alert being received. In the PW History, it says 'token invalid'. How can it be invalid if it is the token I just received seconds earlier from the server? When I use iOS8, I don't even get the token from the PW server (same code, same provisioning profiles)

(22 Sep '16, 02:22) bhwatts bhwatts's gravatar image


I highly recommend you to contact Pushwoosh support team regarding your 'invalid token' issue.

You could do it by following the link provided below: https://www.pushwoosh.com/contact-us/

(22 Sep '16, 08:06) novchinnikov novchinnikov's gravatar image

I started having the same issue about a week ago, the issue seems to be coming from the 6.2.1 release. For me removing the plugin with cordova/ionic plugin remove pushwoosh-cordova-plugin and reinstalling version 6.2.0 of the plugin with cordova/ionic plugin add pushwoosh-cordova-plugin@6.2.0 fixed the issue.

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answered 20 Sep '16, 13:32
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Cheers. I'm now using 6.2.0, and the event is firing again.

(29 Sep '16, 15:51) adamaloney adamaloney's gravatar image


As it mentioned in our Cordova Customization Plugin, by default Pushwoosh plugin does not display notifications in the foreground and automatically triggers push-notification event. This can be controlled by using IOS_FOREGROUND_ALERT_TYPE and ANDROID_FOREGROUND_PUSH preferences. Please refer to this Guide for the details.

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answered 16 Sep '16, 05:49
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Max Kuzakov

That's my issue, I'm not getting the 'push-notification' event fired in iOS - only if debug is set on the pushwoosh server.

Could it be a certificate issue? Does debug mode in PW use a different certificate? It set as a production one.

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answered 19 Sep '16, 08:31
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edited 19 Sep '16, 08:42

I've even tried using the 'push-recieve' event, messages still only come through if the app is in the background or if the push history in PW is set to debug?!!

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answered 19 Sep '16, 13:07
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Please contact our support team with the entire console log from your iOS device showing the application launch. In addition, please provide your Pushwoosh username, so we could assist you.

To retrieve the console log from the iOS device, you should connect the device to your computer, launch Xcode, and open the "Devices" section. Then, select your connected device and click the up-triangle at the bottom left to see the device console. At this point you need to launch your application on the iOS device and let it run for a minute.

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answered 19 Sep '16, 14:06
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Max Kuzakov

I tried the rollback to PW 6.2.0 and still have the problem

Update: I rolled back the PW plugin to 4.2.2 which is my latest known good version and it works.

In my testing, I have found that using PW plugin 6.2.0 or 6.2.1 (today's suggestion), neither iOS 9 or iOS 10 respond to alerts.

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answered 23 Sep '16, 19:02
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edited 23 Sep '16, 20:17

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