Dear friends,

I have develop a mobile app with Phonegap+Jquery Mobile+Kendo HTML5+JS+CSS. I have added the pushwoosh plugin correctly, with this guide:

The system runs fine, there are no problem to receive push notifications.

My question is ... how i can reset the badge of the icon of the app to 0, when the user reentered to the app?

Is needed to set the "kill app" to restart all the app to make this? There are some way to make this when the app turns from inactive to active , but have not start the app beucase is no killed ?

Thx you.

asked 27 Mar '14, 12:40
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You should call


upon resume (ApplicationDidEnterForeground) event to clear the badge value.

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answered 27 Mar '14, 15:13
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Alex Spotar


var badge = {
clear: function(){

}; badge.clear();

Thx you, i have get that runs fine but there are another problem.

The badge clears but if i send another +1 pushwoosh always remember the last badge number. For example, if i have badge 1, i enter in the app, and the badge clear, but if i send another +1 push it put in 2.

There are some command to reset the count totally ?


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answered 27 Mar '14, 16:17
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Anyone got a fix for this?

(13 Jun '14, 14:03) JamesBarnsley JamesBarnsley's gravatar image


The fix is actually quite easy, I am not sure how we missed this question in March.

When you increase badge number with "+n", our servers check the latest saved value and add "n" to it. In order to change the value saved on our servers, you should use the "setBadge" request.

So, when you decrease the badge counter in your application (for instance, when your user reads an e-mail), you should send a setBadge request. This way, everything would work fine.

(16 Jun '14, 09:25) Dmitry Dyudeev Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image
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