Today I am repeatedly getting the following error when trying to reconfigure iOS for push notifications:

'You already have a current APNs Development iOS certificate or a pending certificate request.'

I did the configure earlier a couple of times when trying to troubleshoot an issue with provisional profiles. It was successful earlier, but now I can't change it from Production to Development.

I'm thinking that this is telling me that PW already has the certificate and I don't need to install it. If this is true, it would be clearer if the response was more informative.

This would also imply that you can have two certificates installed, in which case, it would be useful to have a visual indication of the fact that certificates are installed.

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I found that this appears to be due to PW creating a new certificate whenever you do a reconfigure. I thought it was supposed to use an existing certificate. What seems to happen is that when you make the first configure change, it is accepted and an new certificate is created on the Apple Developer site. Then, if you go back and try to do it again, you get the error message -- perhaps because there are now two certificates. I'm not sure why this happens. I don't think this happened in the past when configuring for iOS

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Actually, during the Auto Configuration a new APNs certificate for the specified Apple App ID is generated. The alert you are getting indicates that you already have a valid push certificate in your Apple Developer Portal.

May I ask you to check whether there are any pending certificates in your Apple Developer Portal?

In case you have the valid push certificate, you may upload it according to our iOS Configuration Guide manually:

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answered 06 Feb, 10:47
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