I'm using AppGyver (appgyver.com) which is based on Cordova as my development environment. I have successfully implemented/compiled & released the latest iOS SD, but since their underlying Cordova version is still suck on 3.5 I can't compile the Pushwoosh SDK without modification - specifically <framework> tag + gradle are not yet supported.

I forked the phonegap integration, changed the plugin.xml file & referenced a google-play-services.jar file & added the Pushwoosh 4.6.3 jar (which is referenced in the original plugin.xml)... which enables me to successfully build the app... set badgenotification etc. is working correctly but when I try to register a device (registerDevice()) the callback is not called and I can see some errors in the Android ADB error log that point me to that the google-play-services.jar that I referenced is outdated for the 4.6.3 Pushwoosh SDK.


  1. What google-play-services Version is the minimum supported version that I have to include/compile
  2. List item
  3. Are there any other known issues with registerDevice firing - no exception being logged, but no callback is received every time I try to fire (I checked Settings and push not. are enabled)
  4. Anybody had success with Appgyver Android & the latest Pushwoosh SDK?

Any help is much appreciated.. trying to debug this for some time now!

asked 06 Oct '16, 06:33
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Regarding your questions:

  1. You can use any version starting with 8.1.0, however 9.1+ is highly recommended (to work with the latest android-support-v4 lib)
  2. Firstly you need to properly add google-play-services and Pushwoosh plugin to your project, unless then there will be no callbacks on registration fired. Also you should unzip Pushwoosh.aar and manually merge AndroidManifest.xml
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answered 18 Oct '16, 10:51
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