I have one issues comes since last one day same code working fine in both ios and android now when i build again after that push-notification event not fire when push come or when click on push from notification in ios 10.0.2 device cordova is 3.9.1. I am using latest pushwoosh plugin <gap:plugin name="pushwoosh-pgb-plugin" source="npm" version="6.2.1"/>

<preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-5.2.0"/> All is fine in android .

asked 07 Oct '16, 12:13
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Actually, our developers took care of the issue and events should fire properly now.

May I ask you to test it and tell us the results?

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answered 20 Oct '16, 07:09
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Yes true that is working fine.

Thank you

(25 Oct '16, 12:54) himanshuipe himanshuipe's gravatar image

You are most welcome.

Have a nice day! :)

(26 Oct '16, 08:09) Nikolai Nikolai's gravatar image

I am still seeing this issue for iOS. Android gets the notification ios does not.

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answered 27 Oct '16, 15:40
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you can use like <plugin name="pushwoosh-pgb-plugin" source="npm" version="6.3.0"/>

(05 Nov '16, 04:58) himanshuipe himanshuipe's gravatar image

Sorry, I have this problem for an app in corona sdk Actualy the device ios 10 not register on the platform (I have tested with ios 7 device and this is ok)

Thanks Marco

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answered 21 Nov '16, 17:13
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