I have a cordova based app using the cordova pushwoosh plugin. The app has a corresponding server application which uses the GoMoob PHP library to send notifications to specific devices through the API.

The notifications are sent with custom data in format {"guid": 123456, "external_url": "http://example.com"}

In my app code I register the device to receive notifications, and I have an event listener that does stuff with the guid and external url.

var pushNotification = window.plugins.pushNotification;

      //set push notification callback before we initialize the plugin
      document.addEventListener('push-notification', function(event) {
          //get the notification payload
          var pushNotification = window.plugins.pushNotification;
          var notification = event.notification;

            if (notification.hasOwnProperty('userdata')) {
                var user_guid = 0;
                if (AuthService.currentUser.hasOwnProperty('guid')) {
                    user_guid = AuthService.currentUser.guid;

                var guid = 0;
                if (notification.userdata.hasOwnProperty('guid')) {
                    guid = notification.userdata.guid;

                var pushToken = 0;
                if ($rootScope.hasOwnProperty('deviceToken')) {
                    pushToken = $rootScope.deviceToken.pushToken;
                var params = {
                    guid: guid,
                    user_guid: user_guid,
                    deviceToken: pushToken


                if (notification.userdata.hasOwnProperty('external_link')) {

          //clear the app badge

This all works great when the Pushwoosh 'debug' setting is on (for that hour). As soon as 'debug' is turned off the notifications still come through, but the actions in my event listener do not fire. The app code isn't changing, and the notification being sent from PHP to the API is exactly the same, the only variable changing is the status of 'debug' mode.

Anyone have any ideas?

asked 10 Oct '16, 18:31
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I'm having the same issue.

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answered 10 Oct '16, 18:33
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Paul Stewart

Same problem here since a few days... we updated to latest SDK 6.2.2 but it did not help

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answered 13 Oct '16, 14:06
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Actually, the issue had been fixed for both Native iOS and Cordova plugin.

May I ask you to test it again and see whether the issue still persists?

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answered 20 Oct '16, 07:08
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@Nikolai I am still seeing this issue.

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answered 31 Oct '16, 14:22
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edited 31 Oct '16, 14:23

@TomF may I ask you what framework do you use, or the app is a native one?

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answered 02 Nov '16, 10:21
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