I am developing by react native. And in order to develop push notification, I use pushwoosh-react-native-plugin module. But I met a weird problem. Sample code in "Pushwoosh.com" says that push callback is set by "onPushOpen". So, I used it, however it seemed not to work properly. The callback was not called, but on debug mode(pushwoosh server) the callback was called well. What can I do to be called the callback on no debug mode?

asked 13 Oct '16, 12:55
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That is a common issue at the moment. The similar situation has already been fixed on Native and Cordova frameworks. The React Native fix is coming soon.

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answered 20 Oct '16, 09:42
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Oleg Zhukov

Thanks for your reply. But can you give me a hint to fix it by myself? Because we are on ready to release our code, we are in hurry.

(21 Oct '16, 06:35) Alticast Alticast's gravatar image

Am I correct, that this situation appears when you send notifications via API using the "devices" parameter with less than 10 devices in an array? As a workaround you can send notifications via the Control Panel or use Tags for segmentation.

(21 Oct '16, 06:52) Oleg Zhukov Oleg%20Zhukov's gravatar image

Yes, I think that your are correct. We send our message from our server to pushwoosh by "devices" parameter with less than 10 devices in an array.

(31 Oct '16, 07:06) Alticast Alticast's gravatar image


Please note that the issue has been fixed for all frameworks including React Native.

May I ask you whether the problem is observed at this moment?

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answered 31 Oct '16, 08:03
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edited 31 Oct '16, 08:03

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