My use case is as follows:

Once user opens mobile app I register her/him in pushwoosh, without setting value "UserID" tag. Once user logs in/registers I update this value to proper UserID. What I want is to be able to send push notification only to users who entered my app without actually logging into it. Is it possible to make condition which would be expressed in SQL as: "WHERE UserID IS NULL"?

asked 24 Oct '16, 11:33
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May I ask you whether you've considered setting a universal tag value for anyone who didn't log into your app? For example "NOT_LOGGED" or just a "0000". It would make things a lot easier!

Please let me know if that would work for your case!

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answered 25 Oct '16, 06:26
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Yes I did, but it seems like an overkill to introduce another variable to indicate lack of another. That's what null value is supposed to indicate. If your answer is "no, it's not possible" then I'll accept it and apply workaround with separate field, but please edit it to clearly state so.

(25 Oct '16, 09:29) yakuza yakuza's gravatar image

I've checked a couple of other possibilities, but it seems that it's not possible currently.

So I can only suggest you the workaround I've provided above.

Please let me know if there are any further questions!

(26 Oct '16, 08:17) Nikolai Nikolai's gravatar image

Nope, I guess it's clear now. For future reference you could edit your answer to state that it's not possible, so it's visible right away. Thank you for assistance!

(26 Oct '16, 08:29) yakuza yakuza's gravatar image
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