is it possible to sent a push notification on my iOS automatically when my website/blog is updated? If so, can anyone direct me to the documentation for that?

Further is it possible to create a push notification via email? For instance to sent an email to Pushwoosh which then will automatically create the push notification?

Thanks, Ben

asked 05 Nov '16, 12:50
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is it possible to sent a push notification on my iOS automatically when my website/blog is updated?

May I ask you whether you have an application associated with your website/blog? If that's correct, then our WordPress plugin would do the trick:


Alternatively, you could just configure your backend to trigger a /createMessage request automatically when the new post is published, however that might require some additional work of your developers.

Also, RSS push notifications could work if there is an RSS feed on your site!

If you'd like to send a notification to the website of yours, then it's not possible for iOS platform as it does not support browser notifications (like Chrome and Firefox).

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answered 07 Nov '16, 10:02
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edited 06 Dec '16, 08:07

Thanks for your reply.

I am using now the API with another service to have push notifications created via email.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right directions.

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answered 21 Nov '16, 13:48
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You are most welcome!

Have a nice day!

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