• The device registers itself via /registerDevice and gets 200 response. Registration looks good.
  • I check the dashboard and see the subscribers count as 1.
  • I try to send a push notification via the dashboard. I apply a filter using my tag and send a push notification directly to this user.
  • Push never reaches and I see that the subscribers count go back to 0. (I know Pushwoosh is deleting the device if the delivery fails)

Why could this be happening? We are using VoIP pushes; certificates and app IDs look good, otherwise the registration would fail as well.

Thanks, Guven.

asked 06 Nov '16, 16:52
Guven%20James%20B's gravatar image

Guven James B


Could you please check the Push History? Am I correct that you are getting an "Invalid token" error?

The "Invalid Token" error usually points to the mismatch between push certificate from your Control Panel and the provisioning profile that your application build is signed with. For example your application in Control Panel is configured with production push certificate, while the app build is signed with development provisioning profile, or vice versa. Could you please double check this?

The issue also occurs in case push certificate and provisioning profile have bundle IDs that do not correspond to each other.

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answered 08 Nov '16, 06:17
Oleg%20Zhukov's gravatar image

Oleg Zhukov

Thanks for the response Oleg. I have just noticed the 'Invalid token' error in the Push History. The error is only displayed for the first push to a device. The subsequent pushes don't have any errors even though delivery fails. The problem ended up being about the development provisioning profile. Pushwoosh can't seem to send Sandbox push notifications for some reason. Even though I select 'Sandbox', Pushwoosh only sends Production push notifications. So, I have written a little Python script that sends push notifications instead of Pushwoosh.

(08 Nov '16, 15:45) Guven James B Guven%20James%20B's gravatar image


Please note, that is not enough to just press the "Sandbox" button in your Control Panel if previously the "Production" gateway was chosen. You need to reconfigure the app (upload the certificate one more time) and choose required gateway.

(09 Nov '16, 04:59) Oleg Zhukov Oleg%20Zhukov's gravatar image
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