Hi I am using Pushwoosh PHP SDK and I interested in saving and retrieving message details. I have been looking for a way to retrieve message id and it is not returned inside CreateMessageResponse.

When I send a push, although it is successfully sent to devices, I am currently obtaining this response, so CreateMessageResponse does not contain :


Am I doing something wrong?

Most of pushes are sent to one specific users. I have read that one push for less than 10 devices does not contain code. So, is it impossible to get push details?


Thank you

asked 15 Dec '16, 16:23
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Actually, you can retrieve a message code from the /createMessage response if you turn on the Debug Mode. With DM enabled, all responses (regardless of the amount of devices in the request) will be returning message code.

However, please note that Debug Mode will turn off automatically in one hour.

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answered 20 Dec '16, 04:22
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Thank you for your answer. I would like to be able to save details in database, even in production mode. Is there any way to do this?

(20 Dec '16, 09:21) victorflag victorflag's gravatar image

Hi, please note that there is no way to save message codes in case you send pushes to the less than 10 devices via the "devices" parameter since we do not save such messages on our servers.The only way to get these details is turning on the Debug Mode in your Push History.

Regards, Ivan.

(21 Dec '16, 07:20) iskoritzky iskoritzky's gravatar image
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