I am troubleshooting a bug in with my app -- I am seeing what looks like the same device making submitting HTTP requests from all over the country on many different ISPs in very short timeframes.

Our app uses HWIDs as a key to differentiate devices. It looks like different devices from all over the internet are generating the same HWID, which our app is treating as the same device.

Our mobile app is written in Cordova, and we are getting HWIDs with this code:

get_hwid: (evt) =>
  _this = @
  regid = device.uuid

  if evt? && evt.detail?
    push_notification_id = evt.detail.deviceToken
    push_notification_id = ""

  pushNotification = cordova.require("pushwoosh-cordova-plugin.PushNotification")
  pushNotification.getPushwooshHWID (hwid) ->
    _this.debug 'in getPushwooshHWID callback'
    _this.debug '  Pushwoosh HWID: ', hwid
    _this.debug '  push_notification_id: ', push_notification_id
    _this.debug '  regid: ', regid
    _this.emit 'retrieved-hwid',
      regid: regid
      push_notification_id: push_notification_id
      hwid: hwid

Has anyone ever had different devices generate the same HWID? I'm wondering if there are conditions where this is possible.


asked 15 Dec '16, 19:27
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May I ask you which version of Cordova Pushwoosh plugin is being used? It seems that you have a slightly outdated version.

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answered 20 Dec '16, 04:18
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