I want to integrate pushwoosh to my ionic 1 project.

I follow the guideline of http://docs.pushwoosh.com/docs/cordova-phonegap and https://github.com/Pushwoosh/pushwoosh-phonegap-cordova-sample/tree/master/Ionic

After I build android and deploy to my android device, once I opened the APP, I got this error "["failed to register ","INVALID_SENDER"]"

I think maybe it's the problem I filled wrongly below ?

pushNotification.onDeviceReady({ projectid: "silence-7a981", appid: "AC7BF-FF1E7", serviceName: ""

As now we need to use FCM instead of GCM, I found the project ID in firebase console, which described as "This is a unique identifier for your Firebase project which can be found in this project's URL: https://console.firebase.google.com/project/<projectid>"

Appid is the Application code of pushwoosh.

May I know is there anything wrong? Do I need to place the google-services.json generated from firebase to android platform?

Many thanks.

asked 29 Dec '16, 16:49
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I solved it, it should replace the porjectid in the code by senderID of FCM instead of projectid of FCM. Thanks.

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answered 30 Dec '16, 03:00
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