Hello, I have set up Pushwoosh + Apppresser + Phonegap. I can send push messages to both iOS and Android devices. I have also registered two test devices (and verified that the push tokens are correct - multiple times). The problem is that when I try to send a "test woosh", nothing happens. I still have a trial account, but it says that all premium features are enables in the trial period. So this should work - right? Is there something I might have missed? Or do I have to upgrade to be able to send test wooshes?

Regards, Peter

asked 03 Apr '14, 18:30
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Please try again ;) Now it work!

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answered 04 Apr '14, 13:24
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woohooo! it works :)

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answered 04 Apr '14, 13:29
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We have a paid subscription and I am running into the same problem. Certain that the device token is correct for both devices.

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answered 19 Feb '16, 22:44
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For mi it´s the same. I have all configurated, but nothing happens when i send test messages. It´s a trial count with all the features; the tutorials of the push application should be more clear.

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answered 12 Sep '16, 18:37
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edited 12 Sep '16, 18:38

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