I send push via this post:

https://cp.pushwoosh.com/json/1.3/createMessage { "request": { "application": "EB6B3-5A079", "application-dev": "42001-9963F", "auth": "**", "notifications": [{ "send_date": "now", "ignore_user_timezone": true, "content": "שלום אוריה זה שלומי המפתח של כפיר ממובילאב אני שולח את הפוש הזה קה - תגיב לי בווטסאפ אם קיבלת", "data": {"t": 21}, "devices": ["fga5h3uoOpk:APA91bE74c2KX6PB97vQG-7nqXQPIJ9ZfP8wLkr2w_U5xWNMtNqTjt-oqLX9rYyJymb4L8avQfAAwi5PV1IH0IFu8U6nB4Qy0Ob_S7jpYAE19nqQK1p5YMNvCtc4rbNzeodmzBz06vb2","eKInUZdccy0:APA91bEKGvu4rW41UdAxXsTobwojo59vc9owS9k5carAlD1ldzFoDmdLCf0FK_CnlYH_scgoNfq71-ajjG-Z9MZOJjW1LrFxQ-RBt1FXoObnOEJKXppQeiz5u5YXD0oA5xnwiSiP-zrl"],

        "ios_badges": 5,     
        "ios_ttl": 3600, 
        "ios_category_id": "1", 
        "ios_root_params" : {"aps":{"content-available": "1"}}, 

        "android_root_params": {"t": 21}, 
        "android_sound" : "ball", 
        "android_header":"בדיקת פוש ממובילאב",
        "android_icon": "icon",
        "android_gcm_ttl": 3600, 
        "android_vibration": 1,   


The response is: { "status_code": 200, "status_message": "OK", "response": { "Messages": [ "CODE_NOT_AVAILABLE" ] } }

I get the push on SM-N920C os23 device, But the LG V20 device Android os v24 don't get it.

is there any new issue with this new device or os

asked 31 Jan '17, 20:19
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Mobi Lab

edited 03 Feb '17, 06:12

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Could you please contact our support service at help@pushwoosh.com ? It would of great help if you attach the console log from your LG-H990 device to your message.

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answered 03 Feb '17, 06:23
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Oleg Zhukov

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